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Control Valves

There are three general classes of control valves. We define them loosely by the severity of the application they serve: general service, semi-severe and severe service. We offer a portfolio of products across the three classes to provide our customers with the appropriate solution for their applications and processes.

Control valves

Severe Service

Most power plants and oil and gas facilities have a small number of valves that the entire process hinges on to operate reliably and handle the extreme operating conditions.

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Many processes operate with variable fluid parameters or operating schemes. It is highly recommended that a valve expert be consulted when sizing or selecting a control technology where extreme operating conditions occur. For more details on semi severe applications and technology refer to the 940H brochure.

General Service

The most widely available valve class is the general service control valve. These valves are used in a wide variety of industries, for controlling fluids at moderate pressure and temperature. Typical rating for a general service valve would be less than 600# ANSI. General service valves are characterised by a drill hole cage. There is a wide range of body and trim materials available, to suit the desired application.

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IMI Severe Service is the subsidiary of IMI plc.

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